• Landing Pop
  • Landing Ball 2
  • Landing Ball 4
  • Landing Ball 3
  • Landing Ball 1
  • Landing TM

Spin it!

Bounce it!

Throw it!

  • Grass
  • Lollipop
  • Top tree
  • Top grass
  • Whistle
  • Candy
  • Tree
  • Lolly
  • Foam finger
Check out our youtube channel to see what else you can do and to post your own tricks!
  • youtube
  • Circle
  • tree
  • foam finger
  • lolly
  • ball

Spin it!

Grab a grip and
get the ‘zzzzz!’

Bounce it!

Spin and bounce
to get random!

throw it!

Throw it to friends
at maximum spin!

Combine and get creative!

Meet your
new zzzopa…
  • pop
  • ball

The Original Zzzopa® – A perfectly balanced all rounder! 

  • pop
  • ball

The Zzzopa® MinI –  MOre compact for higher agility! 

Only zzzopa™
brings the ultimate
play performance!

It’s Zzzopa’s Triple-tech™ combo that makes the difference.

Our Zzzip Bearing System™,
Outer Poly-active Surface™, and CoreSpin Stabiliser™ give smooth spins, crisp bounces, and tighter tricks!

zzzip Bearing system™

outer poly-active surface™

corespin stabliser™

slide to see!